Monday, November 7, 2011

It does not take much

It does not take much to clog a drain that is!
Like these darn tree roots!! The city trees are beautiful, but they are pipe killers! At least every two years we have a major plumbing blockage due to the roots growing onto the drainage pipes. Thankfully we know what to do when it happens. 
Sadly though it happened last weekend and caused Mr. Hunter to miss a live theatre production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I hated to go without him - but without him I went and I had the best time! The theatre group did a fantastic job.
I could not take any pictures at the show - so I will leave you instead with a picture of tree roots.. ... yeah, sorry 'bout that. 


  1. We have the same trouble with a pine tree that grows too close to our pipeline. Sorry Mr. Hunter had to miss the show :(

  2. Those are always so pesky!!!! Glad YOU made the performance! ;-)

  3. Oh what a shame he didn't get to go. Funny, as my husband and I were just discussing tree roots in the pipes and it used to happen to us when we were kids and I was explaining to him just how inconvenient it is.