Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend events

Saturday Mr Hunter managed to take 3 trailer loads to Edmonton's big bin event. These bin events are brilliant - I do not know if any other city has them, but the City of Edmonton sets up in the summer months a few weekends were you can take your garbage - pretty much any kind, including furniture and electronics to a set location - for free! FREE!! And they take it away.... forever! Muhahahahaaaaa
Thank goodness as we have reno debris like you wouldn't imagine! 

 The yard is almost cleared up of garbage - not completely, but it is so much better. Mr Hunter took 5 more loads on Sunday!
I helped bag and did some raking - nothing too major outside, inside I have been painting, sanding and painting our new railing. There are two sections. They are starting out like this:

And ending up like this. Hopefully when I show them again, they will be installed.
On the Saturday, I went to Quiltessential which is a quilt shop in St Albert. I had the best time out there. The shop is fantastic, the prices reasonable compared to all of the other shops in town. I got to hang out with my friends Judy, Connie, Laura and Shirley. The quilt shop put on demos all day so it was a shop and learn event. I will show you all of my goodies tomorrow - it is late now and I have to get to bed.


  1. Bet it feels great to have all of that stuff gone. How do we ever collect so much stuff?

  2. I would say the "before" railings just don't look like you, but the "after" ones do! They will look great in your house. So cool you could take all materials from your reno to the drop off for free. And so many loads - wow!!