Thursday, May 10, 2012

B-Day Present

Mr Hunter ordered my B-Day present from Ebay and it just came over the last three days from three different places. Here is what I got.
This one he told me is from a ship. He didn't know what kind of ship though.  I wish I knew.

He got this huge ring of antique keys

Just a close up of some neat ones on the ring.

Another close up.
The third package came yesterday and I have not photographed it yet, but it is more keys! I love antique keys. I hope to make a series of quilted wall hanging art quilts that feature these beauties.
Do you collect keys? Or do you have a fun collection of something? 


  1. I started collecting antique keys - but I think I only have 5. And now I can't even remember where I put them. And the same for antique buttons. LOL!! Out of sight, out of mind. I love your keys they are wonderful!!!

  2. Your keys are awesome!! I love antique buttons, too. I guess my collection is fabric. LOL

  3. For my wedding present, my aunt gave me 3 antique keys - the keys to a successful marriage. I think they were communication, compassion and honesty. ( honestly, I don't remember, but we are celebrating 12 wonderful years this weekend). They hang near our front door. All this to say, I like your keys!