Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring Blooms

The garden - well the shabbily taken care of backyard is starting to do its thing. Sadly the trees only bloom in the spring, then its just leaves. 
Here are some pics of the blooms - some of these are a couple of weeks old so the blooms are actually gone already. It would last longer if I had some sun back there, but the giant white willow - once the leaves start - the sun is gone!
Here is the white willow.

The white willow has these "blooms" in spring, they look lovely - until they all fall off , but  they seem to break down and blow away pretty quickly.

This is the cherry tree. It did not bloom at all last year so I was very happy to see it so covered this year. Our winter was really mild - so that could be why it is so happy.

Just a close up of the cherry blossom.

I have no idea what kind of bush this is - it is not a rose bush, but the flowers are very prairie rose like.

Do any of you guys know what this is?

This is another cherry tree - I think it is a Japanese cherry tree, the blooms are actually almost done now, but it was later then the rest when I took the pics. I thought these buds look fun.

This is my neighbours crab apple tree. It overhangs into our back yard. It is just beautiful.
Did you have lots of blooms this spring? 


  1. They are all so pretty. I just love the cherry blossoms and your neighbors blooms are gorgeous as well. I hope someone knows what that bush is because those blooms are stunning.

  2. I think your mystery bush is a flowering almond.
    I just love spring's colours!

  3. WOW! They are all so pretty. I'll have to see if the flowering almond grows in my neck of the woods - it's so pretty!