Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dog bite

Mr Hunter was bitten by a crazy out of control bastard of a dog - Ours!
We took our dog Lucky to the dog park, he was good until when we were playing ball toss, another dog took his ball. We got it back easily enough, but that was enough to make Lu a jerk. He started growling at other dogs when they come up to say hello. One other couple were walking their bulldog and when Lu growled at him, it was war. Mr Hunter was able to at that time easily pull Lu with his harness and we kept walking. When we got back to the open area and tossed the ball for him some more to tire him out - that bulldog came running over to Lucky again. This time when Mr. Hunter pulled him up, Lu turned and bit him right in the forearm. 
The pictures do not show how red and swollen his arm is, but here they are.

These are the bad boys teeth.

Mr Hunter had to have a tetanus shot and get heavy duty antibiotics. 
Have you ever been bitten by a dog? Jada Bean (my grey cat) bit me through my pinch muscle on my hand a couple of years back - hurt like crazy. I cannot imaging my whole arm in those teeth pictured above. OUCH!


  1. OH NO NO NO Lucky Lu!! Bad, bad boy!! Sure hope Mr. Hunter's arm heals up OK....ouchie for sure. By the way, you didn't know you were a botanist, did you? I was wondering what a tree was up by our barn....covered with cream colored "chenille stems" at least that is what they looked like to me! Now I see below that I have a white willow! Thanks!

  2. OUCH! I often wondered how everyone kept there dogs under control in a dog park. I've mostly had weenie dogs and would never even attempt it.

    I was leaning over my first weenie dog hugging him and my long hair got all over him and he snapped at it and got my cheek. It didn't leave too bad of a scar, but I did get a tetanus shot and antibiotics also. It still got infected so keep an eye out.

  3. Oh dear lucky was having a bad day! He only got confused who was the bad guy!!! Poor Lucky (have you noticed who's side I am on!) Sam bit both of us the first week we had him, he nearly went back to the kennels but we realised he was getting in first before we hurt him, goodness knows what had happened to him before he came to us. He has never bit us since,we have had a few growls though. They get into a frenzy don't they it's like tunnel vision... I am sure our Sam would do exactly the same in a similar situation. I would take a big stick with you next time! Hugs to Mr Hunter.... :-)

  4. What a bad doggy!!! You should never bite the arm that feeds you. I hope he feels better soon (hubby, that is). Did Lu get a time out?

  5. Ouch, sorry to hear that. But if Lucky had to bite someone, I'm sure you'd rather it was your husband than someone who would sue you. I was bit by a doberman when I was a child. He bit me in the butt and I had to go to the hospital, but fortunately, I don't remember any of it and I'm not afraid of dogs! I hope Lucky behaves himself if you go back to the park.

  6. OUCH. I've never been bitten by a dog. Seems painful though!

  7. I bet Lu felt awful for doing that in the heat of the moment. He was probably just trying to protect himself from the other dog. I have one dog that I don't take out without a leash - as she always tries to attack the pitbulls. So far she's only come across scary-cat ones and has chased them away. But one of these days she'll be dead meat. I'm sure glad Lu didn't get hurt and didn't do any worse damage to your hubby.

  8. I’m sorry about what happened. The only consolation you had was that Lucky was yours and you know that he’s had his shots. That’s enough to calm some nerves, though consulting a doctor is still essential. About Lucky though. Maybe you should focus on that behavior of his. Get him used to staying calm, even when another dog is barking up his face.

    -->Nannie Leick