Thursday, March 29, 2012

Library inspiration - and sushi?

I love the library, love walking around the stacks and finding treasures I would normally not look at in the book store - I do not go into book stores so I guess I wouldn't see anything there! 
I found this book the other day about embroidering beetles, and did you know that they used to and in some countries still do, fabric embellishment with actual beetles! They take the hard shell from their backs and they are so tough, you have to use sharp snips to cut them. 
I have no interest in collecting bug parts, but the embroidery section was really interesting. Here are some pics to help inspire you to.

 Then I found some inspiration in my sushi. This mushroom fell out - I thought it looked super neat.
What inspires you?

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  1. Beautiful embroidery! I used to do a lot of it, but after awhile I just lost interest. I seen that in a lot of people - they like a hobby for years (10 - 20 years) and then moves onto another. Color really inspires me. Especially rich colors like in your pictures.