Friday, March 9, 2012

I've been a busy girl

This is what I have been doing for the past two - three weeks. OK, Mr Hunter helped to, but really, I did most of it. Muhahahahaaa

OK, I could not find my earplugs to save my life - or hearing, so I used  cotton make-up remover pads. Hahahahahaa

Guess what - It totally worked! 

This is our chimney. They were not flat, so we had to put a wire mesh sheet on them, then mortar them.

Grouting the tiles I installed for the back splash.

Installing stone to the chimney

Me pointing out to Mr Hunter that I installed all of this stone, not him!

Ahhh I do not need to explain do I?? Ha ha

Mr Hunter installing the platform for me to stand on over the stairs

Cleaning it up

Happy dance it is over!

Not bad huh?
What do you think? Next is the railing to prevent any mishaps. 


  1. A Big Kudo to you and yours...every little bit done makes the end closer....

  2. Looking fabulous!!!! Great job too.

  3. You have been busy, but it's looking great!

  4. Way to go, Carolyn! I see a show on HGTV in your future!! Love that glass tile, too - so pretty! And your stone chimney is awesome!!

  5. AMAZING. The tile backsplash and the rock piller are both amazing. You guys are amazing remodelers!!! I can't believe all the stuff you are getting through (and they are perfect).

  6. I've noticed that people are using the glass tile. It sure looks nice and you did a wonderful job on the stone work. We had that done to our outside columns and your work is much better than the "pros" that did ours. Very cute post! I love your little silent story. YOU ROCK!

  7. Whoo hooo! You are an awesome rock/tile craftswoman! Love your "muscles" and "dance" pictures - you deserve to celebrate! Great job, girl!

  8. It is gorgeous Carolyn- more and more it is coming together.. I love the beautiful stone work. You do rock !