Friday, March 2, 2012

Found more windows.

At this point, nothing really surprises us - two more windows found covered up in the walls, this time on the main floor. We knew one was there as Mr. Hunter could see it when he removed the downstairs fire place. It had the  hornets nest.

I found this in the wall. The phone numbers listed are only 5 numbers long?!? Cool

The view from the living room looking into the kitchen.
With the front window and the patio doors, you can see straight through the house now!
If these newly found window were not bricked up on the outside - we would have ordered custom windows to replace them. We may still consider doing the one near the front. We cannot do the one in the middle though because of that fake chimney the old owner built. We are too scared to try and take it down for fear of taking out the neighbours windows. The houses are so close together.
It will all depend on the cost of them.
Are we the only one to find windows hidden in the walls? Has anyone else had this "joy"?? 
Some day I will have to do a post just dedicated to the things we have found hidden in the walls and ceilings of this house. It will be a long post!!


  1. Oh, the anticipation of the unknown keeps life worth living...

  2. What fun though, never knowing what you are going to find, you may find some hidden treasures!! No, we have never found any windows, just lots of damp!

  3. Why would anyone hide windows? I've always lived in military quarters or new homes, so not much in the way of surprises like that. How old is your house? It must have a lot of history.

  4. It is such a wild adventure for you guys. I guess you are hardly surprised anymore.

  5. What fun! Never knowing what you might find. Future owners of our house will find a bricked up window in our kitchen. We took it out to make room for more cupboards. The window only looked out on my neighbours side wall - not much to see.

  6. It is amazing the change you have made already in that house. I can hardly believe the difference. It looks like so much work. I guess those windows just looked into the other house or into a wall. I personally like a lot of light so I would have had a hard time bricking them up.

  7. This is my first visit to your blog! Before the economy got so bad, we would buy a house to sell, and have to redo it. It is so much fun to see the results. So is this your personal house you are redoing?

  8. Did you happen to find any vintage sewing machines or quilts in your walls? Because that would be SWEET!!!!!