Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lucky Lu!

Lucky Lu is once more a lucky little boy. A little bit ago, he started having a really hard time breathing. Our vet thought it was Laryngeal Paralysis, and referred him to a specialist. Because he had moments of breathing normally, the specialist could not say for certain what the issue was. We ended up having to put Lucky under and have them go in with a special scope to see what was going on in there. They found a large mass that was restricting his breathing to what they described as a pin hole. 
Lucky for Lucky, they were able to remove this mass. 
The test results have come back and the mass is not cancer so Lucky Lu gets to keep being lucky!!
Lu's first day home from surgery

About 4 days after

Today - 12 days after surgery. Hyper crazy just like normal!

Look at me! I feel great!



  1. Soooo happy to hear your pup is doing well.

  2. Thank goodness!!!! How is his bark?

  3. I'm sure you were scared when you found out. I'm so happy for you that it all worked out and he's recovering so well.

  4. Happy to hear that Lucky is okay. Isn't it awful when our fur babies get sick?

  5. How dramatic! I would have been so upset! So glad everything worked out for him. They sure look happy enough in front of their new glass window!

  6. So glad Lu is doing well! Doing my happy dance for you! :)

  7. Oh sweet little Lucky Lu! Give him an extra big hug from all of us. So glad it wasn't cancer and you found it in time. Hugs

  8. Glad to hear that Lu is doing much better- that must have been quite a worry - Pets are so important in our house and I know it yours too.
    Hope he keeps being lucky..

  9. What a sweet pup! I hope his luck (and yours) continues....