Thursday, April 25, 2013

Graffiti Thursday

More newer pictures, summer is on its way and the wall is changing faster and faster. There are some really good artists in Edmonton right now.
This piece was destroyed after being up for about a month untouched. Below is what was done - shame, I never got a decent picture of the original. One thing I noticed however is the care of the red paint added. Although it ruined the beautiful portrait, the person took the time to carefully add. Unlike the few people whom just cross things out - or there is one jackass whom likes to write the word dirt over the really good stuff. 

I caught this one in progress. The next picture shows another little monsters poking out of the grouping.

Here is another one in progress, the finished piece is below.  Its neat how they build up the image and how it evolves.


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  1. Is this an area that they encourage graffiti? Their work is really amazing.