Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Back to Back Quilting Retreat Heaven

The last two weekends I had the pleasure of going to quilting retreats out at Seba Beach. Both weekends although a bit different, the first I just attended, the second I directed and taught at - they were each great.
Here are some pictures (I took pictures of both retreats but my camera and I are apparently on outs right now as about a 1/4 of the photos I uploaded I cannot view or do anything with - very frustrating and I do not know why it is happening - but my first weekend retreat photos I cannot access):
Shirley and her paper foundation project.

My workspace - these squares are going to become a diamond ring quilt which I am donating to my home town library to auction off so they can buy books. More pics of this to come.

Lori and what she calls her ugly quilt, which is actually really awesome. 

Wanda with her project - I did a demo/class on a reverse applique and fancy stitching.

Monika with her project.
Barb with one of her finishes for the weekend.

Lori with her finished quilt top for the weekend.

Shirley organizing her blocks.

This is Gwen's project - I think it was called a quilt and go quilt? 

Lynn with her project.

Linda with her project.

Brenda working on a cool tree pattern.

Vicky with her finished quilt top for the weekend.

Bev with her finished projects for the weekend. 

Wendy with her finish for the weekend - she completed her carry all quilting tools bag.
I missed some great photo ops as well - Bobby whom I did not get a photo of made a great project for the class I taught but she also worked on two other great projects - one was a quilt top that used of those fancy rulers to cut out twisted blocks - the other was another quilt and go quilt - different from Gwen's, it was almost like paper foundation, and the pattern was these beautiful tulips. I am kicking myself for not getting more photos. There were some other beautiful quilts and projects being made by my friends Norma, Carole, Lynn, Sue and my new acquaintance - another Carolyn!
I hope your past two weekends were as great as mine.

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  1. Sounds like you had fun the last 2 weekends. And it looks like a great sewing space to do it in! Plenty of room for everyone to spread out.