Monday, September 24, 2012

Nerf War

While out in BC and meeting family we had not seen in a long time / met, we were introduced into the world of Nerf. Sorry, these are blurry - for some reason they would not stop and pose while they were being shot at. Funny right? lol

All this fun lead to this:

Yeah, Mr Hunter and I are in our basement - he bought this just for himself. While FaceTiming with family in the USA he even shot me with it - right in the face! It was funny / a little painful. The funniest is we can shoot the Nerf gun and Lucky brings the bullets back - even when you shoot him in the butt! 
Hee hee.
Have any of you had a family Nerf war?


  1. We love the Nerf Company here too. Aren't they awesome?

  2. No. I didn't realize they had all this fun stuff. Hmm...I think I should go get me a big gun like Mr. Hunter. I have three little doggie bottoms to shoot at.

  3. We used to have the biggest battles with our Nerf toys, with three kiddos and the hubby all running around like mad! Lots of fun!