Sunday, September 9, 2012

Folk Festival

The first weekend of August is the date for Edmonton's folk festival. I have joked several times in the past that it is the only reason to live in Edmonton for. It is definitely one of the reasons to live here though as it is fantastic!
If you ever are coming to tour this city and get a chance to go, do not hesitate, it is the best time on the planet. The organizers however are talking about making it so the only way you can buy tickets is to go to their office when tix become available (June 1st) and put your name into a lottery? Their office is in a residential area with only three parking stalls. To give a little reference as to why this is bad - three years ago, it sold out in three hours, the year before last, it was just under 2 hours - this year it sold out in less then 13 minutes!!! The line up to get tickets is going to wreak havoc with traffic as to get into the area you come off a very major road / bridge. I really hope they just stick with online sales. 



  1. It looks fabulous!!! 13 minutes? You really have to be quick, don't you?

  2. Or they need to find another location just to sell tickets where more people can park. (Like the grocery store). Looks like you were able to get tickets - good for you.

  3. Nice photos -- I especially like the one with the city in the background and the one above it.