Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Another thing Mr Hunter and I did this summer was check out Boonstock over the Canada Day long weekend. This was our second year and I believe it will be our last - just not our scene. We love going to concerts and checking out like music - but this is not the venue for us. 
Boonstock takes place in a ranchers pasture that is located just outside of Gibbons, Alberta. The parking is in an old grazing field, it is very ruff, uneven and has so many gopher holes - it makes getting to the stages a "fun game" of Do Not Twist Your Ankle. The stages are  set up in a nice flat area, it is just super dusty or muddy when it rains. All of this however is not what makes it not our scene - it is the thousands of teens to young adults blitzed out of their mind on alcohol and drugs that kills it. The site allows / promotes camping at the site so they are all smelly and gross by the end of it. This year to top it off, the sound kept going off from the main stage. We did get to see Billy Talent, Buckcherry, Gob, Korn, Volbeat, Crystal Method and some other bands that were playing. 



  1. Did you know Korn was from Bakersfield? I personally can't stand them. But to each their own. It doesn't sound like to much fun to be around a bunch of smelly people bombed out of their minds.

  2. You ought to check out the big concert we have in the Middle TN area every year - it's called Bonnaroo, and it gets pretty good reviews from people who attend. They've usually got some big name bands, too!

  3. Wow...that was quite the adventure! Glad you didn't twist the old ankle!!