Thursday, September 20, 2012

BC Visit

Mr Hunter and I went out to BC much earlier this summer. We went out for his Grandmothers funeral which was sad, but the rest of the visit was really great. We got to see some of his family whom he has not seen in years and I got to meet some for the first time. We had actually really hoped to make a road trip to the USA to see these family members, but in the end, we realized we have to get this house done first.
While in BC, we took a lovely walk on Davis Bay which we drive past all the time, but I had never been on. I have some great pictures to share of that day below.


  1. Looking as lovely as ever Ms. Caroline- It looks like a beautiful spot- I love the wood - Mother Nature sure is a terrific artist.
    I am sorry to hear of Jon's grandmother's passing- It is hard to lose a grandparent.

  2. So sorry to hear about Grandma passing. I do hope your family is doing okay. These are lovely pictures. My favorite is the one of you (third from the bottom) You look good in that coat.