Sunday, September 25, 2011

Paper piecing photo how to

Last weekend I learned how to paper piece at the Seba Beach quilting retreat.
Here is my photo how to guide.
 So when i do another paper piece project, I will take pictures from the beginning so it makes more sense - this post is more so for my own reference. So first you take a piece of fabric and make sure it covers all of your #1 spot. Then you take a straight edge like I show above and use it to fold the paper back on the line.
 Here is the paper folded back.
 Use your ruler and line it up to give yourself a 1/4 inch.
 Cut away the extra.
 Here is my cut piece, I just flipped it over. Remember to always add your fabric on the back, and only sew on the paper.
 Okay, so I have added my next piece of fabric here, lining it up with my edge of the previous piece.
 Here I have finger pressed the fabric, folding it over and holding it to the light to make sure it is covering the entire next spot with enough to have the 1/4 overhang. Once you are sure, fold it back over like it was in the picture just above this one.
 Flip over to the paper side, and pin the fabric in place.
 Stitch on the line. Then finger press the newly added piece over and use your straight edge to fold the next line.
Here is my finished arch. I have a pattern for a hummingbird - hopefully I will get to it soon to show you better.

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  1. Hi! I'm Billie. We were both on Linda Gs award list on Stray Stitches. I'm already one of your followers, but stopped by to check your latest. I really enjoy paper piecing myself.....except for the paper...grin. Gives you great points.