Monday, September 19, 2011

Fruit stand of awesome!

Outside of Osoyoos, BC we stopped at this fantastic fresh market / fruit stand. The farmers in the area bring in fresh produce, and some of them make products from their produce. Mr. Hunter bought lots of this hot sauce called Butt Burner - he was really excited about it - HA, not my thing but as long as it does not end up on my food, tis alright with me. He also got lots of hot peppers.
I got pickled asparagus, salt water taffy and some syrups.
Lucky had fun there to.



  1. Oh! I see that Lucky likes big things. Hope he didn't 'you know' on anything. I love country markets. And I love fresh farmers' stuff.

  2. I like your purchase better than your husbands. His tastes sound similar to my DH's. Lucky appears to be looking for a pumpkin for Halloween :)

  3. Looks like Lucky is really enjoying this vacation. I hope he behaved himself at the market ;-).