Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Horseshoe Bay - Vancouver with a little trunk buffet

This is the area that hosts not only the ferries to the Sunshine Coast, but it has several coffee shops, restaurants and retail stores. I've never gone into any of the shops there, but I have had some pretty great fish and chips. It is nice to walk the path and watch the ferries come in.
Here are a couple of pics for you:

Oh yes - and we had a trunk buffet. We stopped at our favorite restaurant in Vancouver to get some take out. Mr. Hunter's daughter, his sister, her husband and I enjoyed some delicious plate fulls of food before boarding the ferry.
Not bad for only our second day into the holiday!


  1. Great post! I love harbours, boats, water and food!

  2. How great that you took Lucky with you on vacation! Our dog just isn't well enough behaved to travel with us. Plus she gets carsick!

  3. Great picture of you with Lucky. I like all the pictures. Mr. Hunter looks like he's fun to be arund! LOL!! (Food looks good too, it's almost dinner time and I'm feeling hungry. )