Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grandma's Best Blocks - Block 1

I took long enough to post this - I think I am finally caught up enough to start going through Better Home and Gardens, Grandma's Best Full Size Quilt Blocks book. 
So here we are, block one:

The diamonds that make the stars are a 45 degree with all 4 sides measuring 2 3/8" in length finished - so cut them out at 2 7/8" . For the four squares, they are 4 1/2" squares finished. To make the finished block size, you would cut them 5" square.  The block size is 9" square in the picture, but you will have 9 1/2" so you get the nice edges like they show in the pic when you sew your blocks together. Anyone wanting a PDF of the pattern page, please let me know and I will get you one.
Here is my square and some notes: 
I sewed my star like it reads in the instructions but this makes the outer part of the star too long and when you place on your outer squares you do not have room for the seam allowance to not lose the points. What I did is cut off off each side a 1/4", but you could also have folded and presses this before sewing the star together. Or cut one point of your diamond pieces shorter by the 1/4 inch.
Here are my pics:
My pieces

Assembly of the star

My four squares sewn together

My 1/4" cuttings from the star to make it fit properly

The stare before I satin stitched it on, I pinned every point to keep it where I wanted it.

Finally, my finished block. 
If you make this block to, I would love to see how yours turns out. 


  1. Oh goodness look at that perfect star. I've tried stars twice and have serious issue with getting the tips to line up. Your's looks perfect!

  2. Your star block turned out really nice and I especially like the background fabric. Really cool to see you make a block from this book. Is it an old book? And are you going to make a bunch of different blocks into a quilt, make a quilt using just the star blocks? What are your ideas? (Is that enough questions? LOL!!)

  3. that turned out so pretty! i love it! the fabric choices turned out great!

  4. I have a treasured quilt made by one of my great-aunts about fifty years or so ago....it is this pattern, in early "60's" fabrics! I'm so excited to see you make this block! Could you scan/email a pdf to me? I can put it on my list for oh, say, fall of 2014? LOL
    Jacque in SC