Monday, June 6, 2011

Call me a Hexagon Addict!

My dear friends Christina and Stacey have created a fantastic group that I would love anyone interested to join, its :

"A friendly fabric swap for the hexagon addict in you. In a rainbow of colors please feel free to join us. 
1. Fill a ziploc bag with a 1/2 yard of fabric in a wide variety of colors
2. Post a photo to the flickr group (
3. For each bag you post you can select a bag from someone else
4. Be prepared to ship anywhere
5. The scraps of fabric can be recycles, reclaimed or new but they all need to be big enough to cut out a 2" hexagon (and please make sure they are pre-washed)
6. All fabrics must be 100% cotton"

I laid a 2" hexi on my fabric and it looks like a 4 1/2 square is about perfect. I have added 4 bags to the Flickr Pool, I hope some of you will join us in our swap!



  1. This sounds interesting! I am a hexagon addict too! I would join in a second, but I have several other hexie quilts to finish first. I plan to work on them this summer.

  2. Oh, wow! I love this idea. How do you assure that more than one person doesn't choose the same bag? I'm off to fill my bags.

  3. I'm getting my fabric together tonight!!!!

  4. i'll be getting my fabric together tonight.

    @ Hilachas i'm thinking that we'll just do first come first serve.