Friday, June 10, 2011

Block for Mollie - I finally completed it

I am posting this about a week after actually completing it so Mollie can have a smidgen if suspense with my peak post on the Let's Bee Together blog.

After my running out of fabric fiasco for my May Let's Bee Together Block I rushed down to one of Edmonton's fabric stores only to discover they did not have any of these prints. Eek! I was able to match up the colors with some solids, that was as good as I could get I fear. 
Then to keep the drama going, the Canadian Postal Service has gone on strike. Oh Bother! This however has given me time to try and make this block as good as I could in the hopes of making up for my major mess.
Here it is, what do you think? If it was your block, would you forgive me?

Here are some more pics just for funzies:



  1. Your block is amazing!! If Mollie doesn't like it, she can send it my way :)

  2. Adding the bird was a fantastic idea! He looks so great perched on the branch.

  3. I love this block....looks wonderful!

  4. Turned out great, Carolyn. Your perseverance was inspiring, too.

  5. OMG it is amazing!!!! This is one of your best blocks.