Monday, June 27, 2011

Canada Post finally goes back to work!!

Thank the heavens, Canada Post is finally going back to work!! Its been almost a month I think? Feels like forever, but tomorrow the Canada Postal service will be once again delivering mail.
I wonder how long it will take them to get caught up? I wonder how high the mail is stacked up at the sorting buildings and at the border?
 Darn - I hoped to build a large box to collect all my squishy packs I should be getting. Gonna be a busy evening after work for me! hee hee

I cannot post pictures - other then my one plate Tuesday posts as I did them all up ahead of time - I am not going to post new posts until I can add pics.
Anyone else having these issues with Blogger? I cannot stay signed in to Google if I want to leave comments, and I cannot upload video from my computer. It is getting pretty frustrating. If any of you know any tricks to make Blogger work again - please share in the comments... .. er, if you can comment. ha ha As I know I am not alone in the blogger not letting you comment problem =)



  1. If you uncheck the box that says "stayed signed in" on the sign in page, it fixes the problem with leaving comments. You do have to sign in every time though.

    I use Windows Live Writer to write my posts and there are never any problems with it. It still publishes through Google. If you have it on your computer you should give it a try. It comes with Windows 7 I think.

  2. So glad to hear that the postal service will be back up and running! I don't know when the US will start accepting mail that's heading north. The only trouble I've had with blogger is not being able to see my followers but that has been fixed - at least for now.

  3. I am with Janet...I use the free download of LiveWriter all the time for my posts. I cannot do links, pictures or spellcheck with blogger and I have no idea why. LW is fast, easy and uploads so much better. Good luck.

  4. A while back I saw a post about this, and someone said to clear out your cookies. When it happened to me, I tried this, and it seemed to work. I'm not making any gurantees, though, as I regularly want to shoot my computer!