Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Busy Busy times!

I was at the George Pegg Garden on Sunday, June 15th and it was a great time. The crowd was lovely and I managed to sell a little bit of stuff. Mostly the art pieces went which surprised me (very happily so). 
Here are some of those pieces:

I have a table for the Simply Seba Sale in Seba Beach, Alberta, I hope to make a few more art pieces before I have to have my inventory sheet in. I have to have it in for July 7th so its getting really tight. I am on a non flexible deadline as well to complete the mudding, sanding, painting, molding and flooring in the spare bedroom upstairs + the Edmonton Weavers Guild is putting together a proposal to the AB Craft Council for an art show. Although the show will most likely not happen for 4 years - I have to have a piece done and photographed / sent to the organizer for the 27 or 26 of June. GULP!
The theme for the proposal art show is "It Comes Naturally" and the organizer in our group has stated she wants work made from 100% natural / un-dyed fibre. Ugg, you know me, I love color so I didnt even have any un-dyed fibre. I had to go out and buy some, not even knowing what I am going to make! But, thankfully - yesterday, in the shower of all places - It came to me.... an Idea!! Phew!
Now I just have to get my ass in gear and get everything done - easy peesy right??!?! HA HAH AHAHAHAHAAAAaaaaaaa Wish me luck - I am going to need it! 
I did get up early this morning and was able to get some more mudding done so thats good at least.


  1. Those pieces are darling!!! Good luck with your deadline. I actually think I work better in a time crunch so I know you can do it.

  2. Your art pieces are beautiful! Good luck with all your deadlines.

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  4. Oh I can't imagine making something without color and I can't wait to see your project. All these are so beautiful!!!! Totally stunning. I've heard we do our best thinking when we are relaxed and doing something else. Lately my good ideas are coming to me while I'm swimming.