Tuesday, June 24, 2014

97 Hot Pot - Go with an empty tummy and prepare to be fully satisfied

My Hunter and I were headed to the Cactus Club on Saturday night to see our friend / have a drink to celebrate his birthday. This friend is younger then us - well we got to the Cactus Club, we paid for parking. We then noted all of the juice monkeys hanging out, then the girls that Mr Hunter felt were missing a large portion of their clothes and I had to explain that is how young girls dress in the summer you old fart. Then we say the line up to get in. Mr Hunter poked his head in, did a search for our friend in this packed place - we didn't see him and we ran - not screaming, we carried ourselves.
We got back in our Jeep - a two door with the top off, parked next to all of these rich kids Audis and other high cost rides - we looked at each other and laughed. This is so not our seen, lets get the heck out of here!
So off to our neighbourhood we went - and it was a good thing as we were able to stop at the new place on 97th - The 97 Hot Pot!!
They are not used to "the white folk" in there, which made it highly entertaining as we had to keep reassuring them that we did not need a fork, we can use chop sticks. The concept is you get a metal bowl of broth which fits in the table, you then after choosing your delicious broth, order ALL YOU CAN EAT items off of the menu. They have slices of meat, they have their own mixtures of meatballs, there is seafood, there are lots of vegetables - and a whole heck of a lot of fun.
I really would recommend this place to any of you whom want something different, and aren't too chicken shit to come to china town - thats right, I am calling you out! Yes there is a sketchy walk through crowd there - lock your vehicle when you get here and just come. It is an adventure, none of these people are out to get you, and the more we all come out, the less they do! Plus you are all missing out on some really great experience in your own city.
97 Hot Pot is a must come out and eat at place in Downtown Edmonton, Alberta.

 Complete with desert - this is "cake" - looks like jello, tastes good.


  1. It looks like it was the perfect spot for a night out....much more to our liking too!!!

  2. What an adventure - and I mean both places! So glad you guys had fun. We don't have any place like that (with metal bowls in the table) around here - but you know eventually it will catch on and come down this way too. Is the cake just a bit spicey?