Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Art in the Garden - George Pegg Botanical Garden Event

I was lucky enough to catch an email from my friend Carolyn W. whom was helping to organize this event and scored myself a table before the closing date.

This was the second year the group out at George Pegg Botanical Gardens have put on Art in the Garden and they did a wonderful job. The weather was perfect, the artists there were all amazing and the live music was super fun. There was a large covered area which most likely used to be the stable as the George Pegg Botanical gardens was once the property of George and his family. I was unable to hear the story as to whom they were, but they sure do have a lovely chunk of land!

Here are a couple of pics I snagged from the event before it got started. 
This is the table I shared with my friend Katherine

These are my Feltscapes and Katherine has a matt on the back of that chair that was just fabulous.

This is just outside of the log house Katherine and I had our table in, on the window ledge are my table runners, and Katherine had a shawl on the right of the window, a couple more woven pieces to the left, the spinning wheel was for her husband. He did spinning demos all day for the people whom came through. 

Here are some of the vendors whom had canopies outside.

And the old stable area where they served wine, beer, light snacks and had the band.

My friend Margie makes these -they are just beautiful, I want to get one when I see her next month at the Simply Seba Art and Show and Sale out at Seba Beach (its July 27 I think if anyone is interested in coming out - 25% of all sales are going to the Seba Museum)

My friend Carolyn W makes these -they are bracelet cuffs - really funky!

Katherine's Hubby Hugh spinning his little pink heart out.


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  1. I LOVE those glass flowers! The event sounds fabulous.