Thursday, April 3, 2014

Poor little LuLu and his old man bumps

Our little Jack Russle Terrier is 13 or 14 this year and he has over the last couple of years been betting these old man bumps on his body. This last one was on his eyelid so we had to have it removed. Poor little guy, I am happy to say though, he looks much better today then he did yesterday all groggy. He came out of the vets smelling like manure though. It is so gross, and I'm scared to bath him, but he smells so bad 😢
He is still a little cutie pie though!

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  1. Sorry to hear he had to have surgery, but glad he's doing well! Our lab had those lumps all over as she got older. As long as they're squishy, they're OK. She had one hard one that turned out to be cancer, but they were able to remove it all. I also learned a couple of years ago that people get them too. I had a lump in my stomach and went to the Dr. And she said it's just a fatty cyst just like dogs get. Who knew?

    I hope he heals quickly and can get the cone off soon!