Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chickadee Feltscape

I just added my first Felted Landscape to my Etsy site - well, its not my first made landscape, but it is definitely the first time I have put one on sale. I am really happy with how it turned out. 

First I cut a piece of pre-felt to lay my design on. If you want a source for a great pre-felt for making landscapes, scarves or even felted garments - I would really recommend Mara over at Manucatura.ca (no, no-one paid me to say that - LOL - I do really love this shop though, Mara has an amazing selection of fibres and the pre-felt is just perfect for these applications and she has a good selection of colors to choose from. The pre-felt from Living Felt is really poofy in comparison and it is great for building animals, or using with their foam blocks to build bags, but I would not use it for felted landscapes - that is definitely another great shop though!)
Once my design was drawn with fibre, I did some light dry felting with felting needles to tack it in place - then I wet felted the entire thing. Once that was completed and the feltscape dry, I did free motion stitching on my Bernina to really make the bird pop and give definition to the tree.

Here is the original photograph I took in November of the Chickadee in my cherry tree:
There tummies are so gold in the winter! I hope to make more of these.
Have any of you tried felting yet? 

If you want to check out my Etsy site - click HERE. 


  1. That is really beautiful. It looks just like the photo. I've done a wee bit of felting, but nothing like this.

  2. That's just beautiful! It looks so much like the picture too. I've never tried felting myself, but you're obviously very good at it.

  3. Sweet felting, though the wee bird is a Red-breasted Nuthatch, not a chickadee.

  4. OMG - Tess, you are right!! I had no idea. I need to go through my photos of that tree and identify all of the birds before I felt them to confirm which birds I have. That is so cool! Are you a bird watcher? One day, there was the most tiniest bird in the tree, it was yellowy grey - only say it the one time, never again.
    Thank you for identifying the bird for me!