Saturday, March 29, 2014

The new studio space

Weird, I had published this post a week ago, but now blogger is advising it didn't really publish! Here is last weeks post about my new studio:

Every room I have been given the go ahead to use as my studio space, I've been kicked out of (lol - darn renovations).
But FINALY I am getting my own space, and I am only going to move from here if I get a chance to be in a bigger room!!!
Here is what my space looks like now (pardon all the poly that is protecting everything from the reno dust).
And here, dadadaDAAAAaaaaa is the new space:
It's smaller, but it's going to be all mine. Muhahahahaaaaa
Still lots to do, plugs, closet doors, trim, and the inside of the closets are not done  😁 but it's getting there!


  1. Congratulations. It's so nice to have your own space.

  2. It is going to be wonderful. You will love it.