Tuesday, October 8, 2013

WIN House donation quilt top finish

I went out to another Seba Beach retreat two weekends ago and before I had left I stopped at Central Sewing South to pick up a cut quilt package to sew for WIN House which is a women's shelter here. For more info on the shelter, here is there link : http://www.winhouse.org/about-us/stories/
I had heard of the WIN House sewers about a year ago, but I actually got to speak to some of them at the Creative
 Stitches show in September. They meet during business hours of course, but I wanted to help so they had a kit ready 
To go for me to make. It was so easy to sew, but I have discovered I have so little time. I'm not sure when that happened.
Any how, I'm really glad I got to make this top for them and I got it back in the time frame they requested.
Yeah me! (Thanks to the retreat, but hey, it still happened!)
Here it is :
Not bad huh? Easy pattern, but it looks cool.

Here is another Seba Beach sun rise to inspire your day:
Eh, that one kinda sucks and I'm on my iPad so I cannot get it to delete! Try this one!!
Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Beautiful 


  1. Yeah, that sunrise is pretty. Why am I at here instead of there? (Quilt turned out great!)

  2. It does look beautiful. The quilt looks fabulous too. I love the red/black and white color combination.