Monday, October 7, 2013

I feel felting awesome!

I just realized, I was so excited to show what I made in my class and wrote this post this morning without saying where I took the class! It was with the Edmonton Weavers Guild. The link to their site is: 
My instructor was Brenda and she was awesome! I shared the day with some awesome women whom I really hope to see again.

I took a felting class yesterday, all I dreamt about last night was felting. I don't want to work today, I want to FELT! 
I enjoy felting so much, I do not feel like quilting, and I have a ton of quilt projects to make. Not good!
Here's what I made just yesterday, on my very first day learning to felt.
A decorative ball, three buttons, a purse, a hot pad, and three wallets. The buttons we made first, then the ball, then the hot pad and finally the purse. When I got home, I fed my monsters, made supper for Mr Hunter and I, did a quick (and incomplete) kitchen clean and then made the three wallets. If it wasn't so late, I would have kept going. 
I woke up at 5 to use the lu, and I seriously considered staying up to felt before work.
The wallets have a single pouch, but I figured/ designed how to put in more so you will be able to have your phone, cards and money separate. Too late for the three, but I will try to make one with the extra pockets to see if my design will work. 
Here is my first and best button.
And a close up of my purse. I think I will use the first button to keep the flap down. 

Do you guys felt? I was thinking some critters could be cool, if you have made some and have tips/ advise you want to share, I'm all ears!


  1. How fun!!!! It looks really neat too.

  2. I think doing felt critters would be so fun. I saw a gal felting at the quilt show and it looked like so much work! - cuz quilting's not, Right? I figured that would be a hobby for another day/year/century. I'm glad you went and took a class and like it.