Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Buttons and beads

I was able to pick some pretty sweet Groupons for Beadworks a couple of months ago and took my friend Anna for a little fun shopping. The deal was $50 dollars worth of beads for $25, so I got one for Anna and one for me. It was great fun. We ran over to Fabricland as well and got some thread and buttons. 
Here are my new treasures.

Have any of you read the Quilting Arts book - the one that shows the different techniques? There is one in there that shows all these beads and buttons. I want to make two small maybe 6" squares, one red to purple, the other green to brown. I got little alphabet letters to spell out h.a.p.p.i.n.e.s.s and s.e.r.i.n.d.i.p.i.t.y
What do you think? Waste of pretty beads, or cool idea?


  1. It sounds pretty cool to me! I love all of the pretty goodies.

  2. It was a such a fun day- Carolyn.. I am here but am still buried with paper work for school. Hope to post soon and get a chance to have coffee with you and catch up -
    I do love your bead idea- I have the quilting arts book- thought I would explore something new when I get a bit of time... I do love buttons and beads-embellishment is so funky!
    Thank you for such a fun day- we found some great things but mostly it was just terrific to have time with a lovely friend..
    Warmest regards, Anna

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