Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lots of squishies received.

Check out all the fabulous squishies I have received!! These are from the Orange You Glad Bee and the Let's Bee Together.
I'm really pleased to be in these groups with such fabulous bee mates. 
From Sally

From Nydia

From Amy

From Annaliese

From Shaun

From Carol

From Christina

From Erin
Thank you for making these great blocks for me!


  1. You are going to have an amazing quilts once you have received all the blocks. Hopefully you will be receiving mine soon - I sent it off last week.

  2. Those are really gorgeous blocks.

  3. I see how you do it, you spend all your time remodeling and have others sew for you. I think you really know how to get things done. LOL!!

    The blocks are great and will be a beautiful quilt.