Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kitchen update - a look back

OK, this is hilarious. I found the video I took when we originally looked at this house and other then the obvious decor needing to be changed - we thought the house was awesome. OK, I thought the house was especially awesome. I have to give you a little back ground - we were living in the smallest ghetto apartment. It was dirty - the carpets had mold, one of the sets of neighbours were alcoholic, pot smoking party animals who slept all day, and then threw parties every night. On more then one occasion Mr. Hunter found someone either sleeping or doing drugs in the laundry room. We were desperate to get out. So when this house came up - for the price it was (the cheapness should have been a sign as we were in a housing boom) but like I said we were desperate. 
So, prepare to laugh your socks off, here is the video I took of the house.
So lots has happened since that video - here is the kitchen today:

This is not even a quarter of the amount of photos we have taken - we are just in love with our new kitchen. There are still some things to do in this room - but its 95% there.
OK, I know you want to comment on how many times I said "this house is amazing" in my video. It's alright, you can tease me, I obviously had some thick rose colored glasses on!


  1. Your kitchen looks 'Amazing'! I can see why you're so pleased. The renovation didn't seem to take that long, although I'm sure it felt longer living through it. What's next on the project list?

  2. Wow, Carolyn, that is a fabulous kitchen!!! You both did a great job with it!! Enjoy.....

  3. Think I liked the old kitchen better....NO NO JOKE JOKE!!!! ROFL Oh Carolyn your new kitchen is fabulous, I am sure now you will think it was worth all the hard work...Well Done!!! Hugs xx

  4. New kitchen is a DREAM! WOW it is awesome. Pat yourselves on the backs!

  5. OMG your kitchen is AMAZING!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

  6. It looks awesome!!!! What a change it is from the original.

  7. Your kitchen looks amazing! Very modern and bright! |The counter top is fantastic.

  8. It has been a lot of fun watching this kitchen come together!! It is breathtaking!

  9. This kitchen is totally AWESOME! From the design to the cabinet, counter and even lights! You guys have created a dream kitchen. And you look great in it chopping!

  10. It is looking terrific Carolyn- it just goes to show that you both could see the possibilities and look what you have created. The granite is gorgeous and so are the lights. Enjoy the space you and Jon have certainly earned it with all your hard work.

  11. Yes, I did catch that you thought it was amazing. LOL
    Girl, your new kitchen isn't even finished yet, and it looks like something out of a magazine, or those HGTV shows where they have a huge budget they can spend....Seriously! You and hubby did an awesome job, and I am over the top jealous. :)
    In the video, the downstairs large room looked like it had some cool brick visible....did you keep that? I love brick and stone and stuff like that!