Friday, May 23, 2014

ROI = Happiness?? Yes, that sounds right.

I have been a busy bee, making what I think are fabulous things and I started to stress - what am I going to do with all of these things? I have to make money right? I mean, my time is worth something isn't, plus fabric an fibre are not free.
Thankfully, Mr Hunter sat me down and gave me the talk. According to my wise husband, my return on investment is happiness - "Give them Away!" He claimed, "or sell them - did you have fun making them, does it bring you joy?? Then who cares, you have a full time job that pays you. This is your passion, you make because you want to" - this is where I injected into the conversation and advised him, I have to make art because I am a creator, if I did not create art, I would be denying my soul, my inner being - from being what I am. - "Right" he said, " there you go - so who cares if you make money at it, once you start stressing on how to make money at it. Its no longer fun, you no longer want to do it and you give up on it."
Well Alright! Here is to ROI = Happiness

And here are some of my newest creations:



  1. You're obviously very talented and creative. And you have a very smart husband!

  2. Oh these are so cool! Such beautiful colors! I just love them. And yes very creative! You do such excell work. Aren't you lucky to have such a wonderful husband that truely understands.

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