Thursday, January 24, 2013

Past Quilting Retreat Pics

I went to a retreat out in Seba Beach in October and took some pics of some neat projects people were working on to share and never got around to posted them. Here they are:

I got this from a magazine that was out there, thought it was cool.

Here are the blocks I got from the first Lets Be Together group all sewn together. This quilt is done and is a favorite of mine when I hang out on the couch upstairs.
And here are my two good friends I get to see when I am out in Seba. These are the same quilt, but they look very different due to the fabric color choices.

And here is one bee block I do not think I posted about. Isn't that blue paisley fabric lovely? 
 Have any of you ever made a project like these?


  1. Great projects. I really love the first one.

  2. Your quilt is lovely - love the sampler like blocks- The fish like one is very fun - I love the fabric choices in each of the quilts- it is always fun to see what others do with a pattern. I like both the house quilts but prefer the darker version- just has more contrast for me.
    The Australian Homespun link arrived in my mailbox. Thanks so much for it. It is a lovely mag and I will enjoy looking at.
    Happy creating dear friend- The reno's are looking great. You must be so pleased to have so much of it done. You and Mr. Hunter have done a wonderful job..

  3. OMG your fish quilt is so impressive. ALL OF THEM!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.