Tuesday, June 24, 2014

97 Hot Pot - Go with an empty tummy and prepare to be fully satisfied

My Hunter and I were headed to the Cactus Club on Saturday night to see our friend / have a drink to celebrate his birthday. This friend is younger then us - well we got to the Cactus Club, we paid for parking. We then noted all of the juice monkeys hanging out, then the girls that Mr Hunter felt were missing a large portion of their clothes and I had to explain that is how young girls dress in the summer you old fart. Then we say the line up to get in. Mr Hunter poked his head in, did a search for our friend in this packed place - we didn't see him and we ran - not screaming, we carried ourselves.
We got back in our Jeep - a two door with the top off, parked next to all of these rich kids Audis and other high cost rides - we looked at each other and laughed. This is so not our seen, lets get the heck out of here!
So off to our neighbourhood we went - and it was a good thing as we were able to stop at the new place on 97th - The 97 Hot Pot!!
They are not used to "the white folk" in there, which made it highly entertaining as we had to keep reassuring them that we did not need a fork, we can use chop sticks. The concept is you get a metal bowl of broth which fits in the table, you then after choosing your delicious broth, order ALL YOU CAN EAT items off of the menu. They have slices of meat, they have their own mixtures of meatballs, there is seafood, there are lots of vegetables - and a whole heck of a lot of fun.
I really would recommend this place to any of you whom want something different, and aren't too chicken shit to come to china town - thats right, I am calling you out! Yes there is a sketchy walk through crowd there - lock your vehicle when you get here and just come. It is an adventure, none of these people are out to get you, and the more we all come out, the less they do! Plus you are all missing out on some really great experience in your own city.
97 Hot Pot is a must come out and eat at place in Downtown Edmonton, Alberta.

 Complete with desert - this is "cake" - looks like jello, tastes good.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Busy Busy times!

I was at the George Pegg Garden on Sunday, June 15th and it was a great time. The crowd was lovely and I managed to sell a little bit of stuff. Mostly the art pieces went which surprised me (very happily so). 
Here are some of those pieces:

I have a table for the Simply Seba Sale in Seba Beach, Alberta, I hope to make a few more art pieces before I have to have my inventory sheet in. I have to have it in for July 7th so its getting really tight. I am on a non flexible deadline as well to complete the mudding, sanding, painting, molding and flooring in the spare bedroom upstairs + the Edmonton Weavers Guild is putting together a proposal to the AB Craft Council for an art show. Although the show will most likely not happen for 4 years - I have to have a piece done and photographed / sent to the organizer for the 27 or 26 of June. GULP!
The theme for the proposal art show is "It Comes Naturally" and the organizer in our group has stated she wants work made from 100% natural / un-dyed fibre. Ugg, you know me, I love color so I didnt even have any un-dyed fibre. I had to go out and buy some, not even knowing what I am going to make! But, thankfully - yesterday, in the shower of all places - It came to me.... an Idea!! Phew!
Now I just have to get my ass in gear and get everything done - easy peesy right??!?! HA HAH AHAHAHAHAAAAaaaaaaa Wish me luck - I am going to need it! 
I did get up early this morning and was able to get some more mudding done so thats good at least.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Art in the Garden - George Pegg Botanical Garden Event

I was lucky enough to catch an email from my friend Carolyn W. whom was helping to organize this event and scored myself a table before the closing date.

This was the second year the group out at George Pegg Botanical Gardens have put on Art in the Garden and they did a wonderful job. The weather was perfect, the artists there were all amazing and the live music was super fun. There was a large covered area which most likely used to be the stable as the George Pegg Botanical gardens was once the property of George and his family. I was unable to hear the story as to whom they were, but they sure do have a lovely chunk of land!

Here are a couple of pics I snagged from the event before it got started. 
This is the table I shared with my friend Katherine

These are my Feltscapes and Katherine has a matt on the back of that chair that was just fabulous.

This is just outside of the log house Katherine and I had our table in, on the window ledge are my table runners, and Katherine had a shawl on the right of the window, a couple more woven pieces to the left, the spinning wheel was for her husband. He did spinning demos all day for the people whom came through. 

Here are some of the vendors whom had canopies outside.

And the old stable area where they served wine, beer, light snacks and had the band.

My friend Margie makes these -they are just beautiful, I want to get one when I see her next month at the Simply Seba Art and Show and Sale out at Seba Beach (its July 27 I think if anyone is interested in coming out - 25% of all sales are going to the Seba Museum)

My friend Carolyn W makes these -they are bracelet cuffs - really funky!

Katherine's Hubby Hugh spinning his little pink heart out.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Art in the Garden Show and Sell

I'm off to the George Pegg Botanical Gardens for an Artist Show and Sell to pedal my works - Wish me luck!! 

If any of you are in / around Edmonton, if you do not have plans already - please come out to the George Pegg Gardens to help support local artist. There will be live music, food trucks and even my friend Hugh is going to be there Spinning on site!! (Spinning wool into Yarn that is!!).

Here is more info on the Artist Show and Sell:

Art in the Garden
Father's Day Family Event
Sunday June 15th, 11am-4pm
George Pegg Botanic Garden

Just a quick reminder that you won't want to miss our 2nd Annual Art in the Garden event! This Sunday from 11-4pm
This is an all-weather event, dress for the weather and join us rain or shine!
- Art on display and for sale, meet the artists
- Sheltered area to enjoy the musicians - 5 hours of live music entertainment!
- Concessions on site- JT’s Food Truck, Lil Jimmy’s Italian Ices, popcorn stand, plus a beer and wine bar (come prepared - no cash machine on site)
- 2 chances to win! $25.00 voucher for Art Show & Sale. Enter twice by answering our visitor survey and voting for the Youth Art Competition
 1st name drawn at 1:30pm for $25.00 to spend at any artist booth. 2nd name drawn at 3pm for 1 piece donated by a participating artist
- Art project for children
- Fun for the whole family! We have accessible washrooms
For directions visit www.PeggGarden.org


Friday, May 23, 2014

ROI = Happiness?? Yes, that sounds right.

I have been a busy bee, making what I think are fabulous things and I started to stress - what am I going to do with all of these things? I have to make money right? I mean, my time is worth something isn't, plus fabric an fibre are not free.
Thankfully, Mr Hunter sat me down and gave me the talk. According to my wise husband, my return on investment is happiness - "Give them Away!" He claimed, "or sell them - did you have fun making them, does it bring you joy?? Then who cares, you have a full time job that pays you. This is your passion, you make because you want to" - this is where I injected into the conversation and advised him, I have to make art because I am a creator, if I did not create art, I would be denying my soul, my inner being - from being what I am. - "Right" he said, " there you go - so who cares if you make money at it, once you start stressing on how to make money at it. Its no longer fun, you no longer want to do it and you give up on it."
Well Alright! Here is to ROI = Happiness

And here are some of my newest creations:


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Focus On Fibre Arts Edmonton YarnBomb 2014

Check out this awesome video Mr Hunter made of the yarn bomb we did to promote the Focus On Fibre Arts Association - Prairies Art Show.

If you like it, show it - Click LIKE and and SHARE it!!

Thank you,


Thursday, May 8, 2014

FFAA Prairie Art Show

The art show I entered my dress in had the opening reception this past Sunday and they announced the winners of each category. I WON SECOND PLACE for my felted dress!! Cool huh?!?
I got 50 bucks and a fun ribbon I'm going to put up in my studio. 
There is a lot of amazing pieces at the show. If you can make it there before the end of August, please check it out. 
Alternatively you can check out the FFAA website : http://www.focusonfibrearts.org/gallery